Re: Need to know more about ACLs

From: Ken Wolff <>
Date: Sat, 23 Oct 1999 17:42:18 -0400

Thanks Anri, That much makes things ALOT clearer. I've been working on
SCO systems for more year than I want to remember and Linux now a couple,
but this is my first trek into SQUID. Sometimes you just need a few
examples. See below, am I on the right track?

At 12:04 AM 10/24/99 +0300, Andriy Kopystyansky wrote:

>On Sat, 23 Oct 1999, Ken Wolff wrote:
> > - We have one group of IPs that should have access to any web site.
> > - We have another group that should have access to a list of sites.
> > - We have another group that has no access to any sites.
>in squid.conf define ACL for IP that should be fully allowed:
> acl Power src

If I had 2 IPs that could get anywhere, then would I have 2 "Power" lines
as in...
         acl Power src
         acl Power src

>and ACL for IP, allowed partially:
> acl People src

If I had 3 IPs that get to some places...
         acl People src
         acl People src
         acl People src
         acl People src
         acl People src
         acl People src

>and ACL for allowed destinations:
> acl Restr dstdomain
> http_access allow Clients
> http_access allow People Restr
> http_access deny all
>note: in this example 'People' cannot be 'Clients'

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