Peer_Select by hops

From: Andriy Kopystyansky <>
Date: 25 Oct 1999 11:32:29 +0300

Hi Henrik,
this is the second such message in squid-users, sorry, but I really need
to know. The subj described below. Please, tell me, is there any
development on the subj at this time, in near future, or should I do some
hack by myself?

Sincerelly, Anri.


is it possible in some way to select peer Not by icmp-RTT(icmp-query on),
but by Hops: e.g: If(Hops > 5)return "UDP_MISS_NOFETCH" ?

Here is some explanation of my problem:

I have machine with 2 network interfaces. The routing is different for
each interface. So, I have Squid-1 on 1 interface and use _Satellite_ link
with 256K, and Squid-2 (parent for Squid-1) on the 2 interface _Ground_
link with 64K. Whereas it is _ground_ link, RTT in most cases is faster,
then in _Satellite_ link. But using this _ground_ link is suitable ONLY in
cases when hops <= 5, otherwise _Satellite_ link is preferred without
paying attention to RTT.

Anri Kopystyansky
Webmaster at PolyNet
Received on Mon Oct 25 1999 - 02:50:52 MDT

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