Final: Trans proxy Cisco/Linux

From: <>
Date: Fri, 29 Oct 1999 00:05:06 +1000

After setting up transparent proxy on our Cisco 2503 & having it going quite
well I had a problem which I emailed this group that some people connecting via
routers could not access the web without setting their browsers to our proxy.

Henrick answered & pointed out a possible MTU size & path discovery problem
which I researched, implimented & it seemed to fix the problem but alas not for
all. (The MTU problem is also a known Cisco bug as pointed out in the FAQ).

Also the load was just too much for our poor old 2503 when 1 mbps or more was
going through it (in both directions) - it started dropping some SNMP requests.

So I have gone back to my old way of pointing our remote access devices to the
Linux box as the default route & once again there are no problems.

I thought you people may like to know this or perhaps would have comment.

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