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From: Ahsan Khan <>
Date: Tue, 2 May 2000 21:26:10 +0500

The Best way if you have Windows NT PDC in Network to run samba and use smb
Auth in squid. for more info read FAQ on squid site.

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From: "Patricio Baptista da Luz" <>
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Subject: User access control

> Hi everyone,
> I'm testing squid as a proxy server for Toyota in Brazil in a linux box,
> and my goals are two:
> 1) Filter adds and sites not related to normal activities (porn,
> hacking, etc.)
> 2) Create a List of user/site access, to control where and when each
> user is accessing.
> For the first item, im using squidGuard, and its OK.
> but for item number two I need help. I dont Know how to force users to
> "log" to squid or whatever, and i didn't find any soft that could make
> reports on squid logfiles.
> If someone have this scenario, and could give me some hints, I would be
> thankfull
> Thanks
> Patricio Baptista da Luz
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