Transparent Cache with squid problem.

From: Sergio Gonzalez <>
Date: Tue, 02 May 2000 12:52:33 +0500

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Hello there:

I'm trying to use squid (combined with ipchains, all running in a linux
box) to make a transparent cache for dial up users. The problem is that
ALL I see in the access.log file is
TCP_MISS - DIRECT. As far as I now ( i'm a newbie with this), those
directives mean direct access to the servers to get the pages.
What I want is to increase browse speed and save international bandwith.
Well, this is what I have right now:

linux 2.2.13 / 2 Processors PIII 450Mhz /256 Mb RAM.
squid 2.2Stable3 in accelerator mode.
Ipchains with redirect from 80 to 3128.

The problems I have are:

1- The TCP_MISS, DIRECT (shouldn't they be TCP_HIT?), or how I know when
the access the data cached in local disk?
2- The amount of disk space to hold the most access pages doesn't grow
up. The only think I see growing is the log file.
3- I saw before a CPU Usage of 89.9 %, now, after a recompilation, I
only use 49.9 %, Is squid using the power of the two processors?

What am I doing wrong?

Thanks a lot in advance for the help.

Sergio Gonzalez
Calle 100 #8A-55 Torre C oficina 711
NOC- SkyNet de Colombia.
(57) +1 6422020
(57) +3 2277871
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