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From: Mehdi <>
Date: Tue, 2 May 2000 23:09:40 +0430

I have just setup squid 2.2 az a cache server in my network.
there are 3 accress servers ( RAS ) that users connect through them. the default gateway of RASs is the IP of my Squid server.
I redirect www requests to squid port on this machine to have a transparent proxy. also the default gate way of my squid
machine in some where else in local network. ( i use thaicom sattelite service to access internet )...
there is another DNS server machine too in this network that dsn server of all machines set to it . and i have not set any named in my squid machine.
there are these questions with no solution for me yet :
does squid, cache DNS look up process too? if yes, why it takes some seconds in browsers such az IE to look up the location of a web pages which r in the cache that i request to visit?
after receiving "web site found..." mesg, it begins to bring the web page from the cache. if it caches IPs of web pages, why the browsers look up the web pages directly first? so that when my uplink is lost, it doesn't bring the web pages which are in the cache! is there any way to say squid not to do this work and bring cached URLs even its uplink is lost???
how can i configure the squid to respond to users www requests when the connection to its gateway is lost?
i mean that how to make the users to visit the web pages which r in the squid cach when my uplink line is down.
is it possible?
if yes, how to configure squid.conf to solve these 2 problems??


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