RE: ident lookup not working

From: David Gameau <>
Date: Wed, 3 May 2000 11:11:29 +0930

I'd guess that the ident lookup isn't being performed until it's needed.

Try creating another acl with the 'ident' tag:
        acl aclname ident REQUIRED
and see if that triggers the correct logging.


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Subject: ident lookup not working

Hello all,

I am using Squid 2.3 Stable1 on Slackware Linux (kernel 2.2.13) and
SquidGuard 1.1.2. Squid and squidGuard are all working quite well, but I
would like to have Squid log ident usernames. I have installed an ident
daemon on my workstations, and I even went back and recompiled Squid with
--enable-ident-lookups I have tried several different configurations all of
which just ignore the fact that I want to log the ident lookups.

I figure the following configuration should make squid log ident lookups:

        acl privatenet src
        ident_lookup_access allow privatenet
        ident_lookup_access deny all

I have read every FAQ I could get my hands on to no avail. squid.out does
not show any errors, and everything else works ok (it is not going into
panic mode, just passing everything). Any ideas would be greatly


Bryan G
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