squid is slow when always_direct turn off

From: Thomas Wahyudi <thomas@dont-contact.us>
Date: Wed, 3 May 2000 09:20:28 +0700

dear all

we using squid-2.3.stable2 to proxy all web connection and multi homed.
we have one parent capable to use icp but i using [ 7 noquery] becouse i
think we have only 1 parent
the probelm is, if i comment out "always_direct allow allsrc" directive, the
squid runing very slow same if I using prefer_direct on/off
is there something i had to do with the config ?

here is my config

route default to ISP A
parent in ISP B
so in routing table we add 167.205.x.x -> our ISP B gateway

=== SQUID CONF ===

cache_peer ISP_B_parent parent 8080 7 no-query connect-timeout=2

icp_query_timeout 0 seconds
dead_peer_timeout 3 seconds
negative_ttl 5 minutes
positive_dns_ttl 6 hours
negative_dns_ttl 5 minutes
connect_timeout 120 seconds
siteselect_timeout 8 seconds
read_timeout 15 minutes
request_timeout 30 seconds
client_lifetime 1 day
half_closed_clients on
pconn_timeout 300 seconds
shutdown_lifetime 30 seconds
range_offset_limit 12 MB
ident_timeout 8 seconds

if i using one of this directive:
always_direct allow alldst <--- data transfer quite fast
prefer_direct off /on <---- data transfer slow

thx before
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