Problem starting squid

From: Andrew Barnes <>
Date: Mon, 08 May 2000 09:49:18 +1000

G'day Guys,

I'm having problems getting squid to start on a FreeBSD v4 box:

I've compiled squid fine - and set up a squid.conf file. I have run
"squid -z" and created the cache dirs. The problem that I'm having is
that when I look at the log, I get the following messages:

Ready to serve requests
Not currently OK to rewrite swap log.
storeDirWriteCleanLogs: Operation aborted
/kernel : pid 61808 (squid), uid 65534 : exited on signal 6

This is the first time that I've tried to run squid - any ideas on
what's wrong here?

Any help is appreciated, and my thanks in advance.


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