squid proxy problems.

From: Nick <nick@dont-contact.us>
Date: Tue, 9 May 2000 08:21:47 -0700

    i have a squid server setup..
p2 400.. 384 mb memory.. when i enable the transparent proxy-redirect
on our cisco.. the squid server starts taking hits.. and requests.. but i dont know
if they are being filled.. because i see them going by in access.log. but i cannot browse
anywhere.. how can i figure out whats going on with the squid server. ALSO
when i enable the ip policy route-map proxy redirect . ICQ stops working on my machine
so i assume it most likely wouldnt work on any machines behind the squid server..
is there any ways the route-map proxy redirect i setup could only work on specific
adresses maybe? so i could try it with maybe only 1 class-c network.. we currently have
4 class-c's maybe if i tell squid. (or the cisco) to only listen to 1 class see we can start it that
way.. if anyone can provide me with some info on how to make sure this is setup properly
and working.. i would greatly appriciate it.. because it could just be overwhelmed right?
thanks in advance
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