From: Martin Svensson <>
Date: Wed, 10 May 2000 10:04:50 +0200

Hi Dan,

We had nearly the exast same problem.
The solution I came up with was to edit http.c, find the part which says
"X-Forwarded.." change the word "unknown" to a dns-name/ip-adress you want
to show, then recompile.

Don't forget to edit squid.conf and set "forwarded_for" to "off".

Good Luck!

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On 2000-05-10 at 11:35 Dan Shauver wrote:

>To All,
> We susbscribe to a number of electronic journals, many of whom are
>based on the client ip address. The general feeling here is that we'd
rather not
>expose the client ips to the outside world, so don't want to use the
>option. Is there any way to have the squid server send its own ip address
in that
>Dan Shauver
>HortResearch UNIX Dude

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University Hospital of Malmoe
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