Re: Problems with (GameZone)

From: tom minchin <>
Date: Thu, 11 May 2000 19:23:15 +1000

On Wed, May 10, 2000 at 09:15:48AM -0500, Mark Thornton wrote:
> I noticed a few days ago that we were introducing a problem with the Squid
> cache when we disabled it to troubleshoot another issue (dns lookup times).
> Clients have been unable to connect to Fighter Ace in the GameZone due to
> what MSN considers to be firewall errors. They instruct us to open up
> certain ports but all are open. I think the real problem is that they are
> unable to contact the client directly on another port because the request
> came through the cache server (transparent proxy redirect at the Cisco on
> port 80). Has anyone else experienced this? How would this be corrected?

If you're pretty sure that the Fighter Ace game is trying to follow the
client IP, I'd recommend perhaps excluding the Zone IP addresses from
your transparent proxy/WCCP - ie allow clients to have direct access. Problem
I find with the Zone is that each game seems to be written by different
developers and has differing tolerance to HTTP proxies and full firewall
application proxies.

I found that no_caching the Zone domain fixed most problems, getting clients
to empty their caches fixed the rest (eg MSIE versions that dislike being
transparently proxied).
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