Re: Trusted Sources?

From: Tilman Schmidt <>
Date: Thu, 11 May 2000 14:44:06 +0200

At 14:32 10.05.00 -0400, Joel Kraft wrote:
>I am running Squid v 1.1.21 (working fine) and am trying to connect one of my users to the National Medical Library's new Docline system. I've been having problems not receiving all of the information back from this Docline only when using my browser. They said I would have to make their site a trusted source so they can send info back through and they gave me an IP address. Anyone have an idea how I can do this? I've spent all day looking.

To my knowledge the notion of "trusted source" does not imply any
specific technical implementation. You'll have to ask them for more
information on what "making a site a trusted source" means for them

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