compiling and using squid on AIX 4.2

From: Paulo Martins Inocencio <>
Date: Mon, 15 May 2000 12:57:43 -0300

 i'm a new participant of this mail list. Hope you can help me, an that i
can retribute your help sometime.
>I have a question right now.
>i'm trying to complie squid 2.2 on my Rs6000- AIX 4.2, but i'm getting the
>following error :
> 1500-035: (S) Automatic area for comm_poll too large
>make: 1254-004 O código de erro do śltimo comando é 1.
>I've tried to find out how to reduce de comm_poll in comm_select.c but i
>I have squid 2.3 compiled successfully but it doesn't start. I think that's
>because AIX has a different filesystem type as other Unixes.
>Could you give me a tip ???
>Than you
>Paulo Martins Inocencio
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