Caching streaming content ?

From: Markus Storm <>
Date: 17 May 2000 11:04:49 +0200


first a sorry since this is not exactly a Squid question, but
hopefully someone can share his knowledge.

I am looking to cache streaming content (Real, Windows Media) on
a UNIX system. Currently the only option seems to be buying an Inktomi
Cache ($$$).

Real has a proxy available in beta, but it doesn't cache but instead
requires interaction with a caching software (the only one of currently
supported, is guess which one). But there seems to be no description of
the interface available.

As to Windows Media, I have no idea. And Microsoft provides even less
info (surprise!). I know that Akamai has implemented
this on Linux and Inktomi on Solaris, so it can and has been done.

Shouldn't it be the interest of streaming software vendors to promote
their solution by making this information public?
They earn money by selling servers, don't they?

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