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Date: Wed, 17 May 2000 17:20:22 +0300

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        I am wondering if anyone has done this and what would be an easy
        way to do this:
        I am running a squid box for a company wide web cache... It works
        Just put it in last week. However, I need to (requested by the
board, otherwise
        I would not want to restrict anyone from anything) restrict access
to porn

I agree with you. see:
Actually, it isn't a porn or banner blocker. But you will find neccessary
information to set blocking sites.

        sites. I know that there are a lot of sites, and I guess I can get a
        from the net, but I am worried about slowing squid down if I add all
of those
        lines to the config file...

No, you don't add all of those to the config file. it is very hard way.

        Anyone done something like this before?? Does it slow it down?? Any

may be very little..because of you will increase acl check parametres. each
access request will compare with the acl list.

        I am running squid 2.2stable (precompiled rpm) on a RedHat6.2
        Bob Minvielle
        Systems Administrator

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