Re: Some nice addons to squid 8))

From: David Luyer <>
Date: Thu, 18 May 2000 00:25:58 +1000

Some nice ideas/features there :-)

This one seems a bit obscure...

> #6 - squid-2.3.stable3-delaypools_networkbyte.patch - Use the
> 'second' byte of the IP address instead of the 'third' that by
> default is used to difrentiate the network in class3 delay pools.

I guess it's just a case of having non-contiguous IPs such that
the way it's designed to work (for a class B) is not useful? I
expect this is one of those things which will always be a 'local
hack' for anyone who wants it.

BTW I have some feature suggestions in saved e-mail from others that
you might be interested in. I haven't done any work on delay pools
since I stopped working at a University (where we wanted to make the
students' access slow....) and started working for an ISP (where we
want to make the customers' access fast...) :-)

I will forward these on to you and see if you have more time than I
do to implement/consider them.


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