Some nice addons to squid 8))

From: Pedro Ribeiro <>
Date: Wed, 17 May 2000 14:10:37 +0100

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I'm using some personal addons to squid2.3stable2 from some time ago,
now that squid2.3stable3 is out I'v made some diff files with the
changes I'v made to the original code.

#1 - squid-2.3.stable3-cachemgr_snprintf_overruns.patch - Fixes some
potential buffer overruns in cachemgr.cgi (Yes i'm paranoid with this
kind os stuff)

#2 - squid-2.3.stable3-cachemgr_big_descriptions.patch - Changes a
#define to allow bigger descriptions of accessed objects in
cachemgr/filedescriptors (Some sites have really big URL's)

#3 - squid-2.3.stable3-delaypools_names.patch - Adds a textual
description to each delay pool, for people with lots of delay pools
this will help-us to identify them while monitoring in cachemgr.cgi

#4 - squid-2.3.stable3-delaypools_newlook.patch - Changes de syntax
of the delay pools reporting in cachemgr.cgi, for the users/ip's with
the bucket full only the LSB of the IP is shown (the redundant value
is ommited)

#5 - squid-2.3.stable3-delaypools_reject.patch - "Optimization" to
the access lists used in delay_access, if any client matches this acl
it bypasses all delay_access and isn't delayed (to avoid the repated
denys in each delay_access list)

#6 - squid-2.3.stable3-delaypools_networkbyte.patch - Use the
'second' byte of the IP address instead of the 'third' that by
default is used to difrentiate the network in class3 delay pools.

#7 - squid-2.3.stable3-delaypools_colors.patch - Give some colour to
the delay_pools monitoring in cachemgr (buckets with less than 50%
max are shown in yellow and buckets with <=0 are shown in red to make
identification of users/abusers easy)

Some of this .diff's are relative to squid + other diff's, aplying
them to the 'bare' squid may result in some '.rej', that can be easy
solved by a minimum skilled programmer (apply the reject part of the
.diff by hand 8)) ).
The order by the one the .diff's were generated is the # order!

Use at your own risk, this patches were made to be as good as I can
make them, some errors my presist and I can't assume any
responsability for them (if you detect some error please report-it to
me, i can try fix-it).

Best Regards to the squid community.

PS: Duane thanks! for listen my sugestions to bugfixes in delay_pools
(I understand that isn't always easy to answer quick to users

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