Re: two squid daemons

From: Reuben Farrelly <>
Date: Thu, 18 May 2000 22:28:49 +1000

At Thursday 01:09 PM 18/05/2000 +0200, Tilman Schmidt wrote:
>Additional Squid daemons will put additional memory and processor
>load on your machine, ie. make it slower. Therefore if you don't
>actually need them you'll be better off staying with a single Squid.
>But they can be handy for certain things. You can for example offer
>different access/redirector policies (like with/without banner ads)

You can already do this with a single squid. These are the statements that
I use to do exactly what you are describing...

http_port 4040 8080

acl noadblock myport 4040

redirector_access deny noadblock
redirector_access allow all

The redirector runs the URL through a set of rules and simply substitutes
known banner ads ith a "Removed by ..." image instead which is stored
locally on our web server.

>on different proxy ports by running a separate Squid on each of them.
>That way you can defuse the conflict between the "out with banner ads"
>and "no censorship" fractions among your users, by letting everybody
>choose themselves whether they want the banners or not.

The users can of course choose between port 8080 and 4040 within their own


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