TCP_MISS/200 & Caching

From: Caniffe <>
Date: Mon, 22 May 2000 23:18:57 +1000


I've been through hell to try and find out why Squid (2.3 STABLE2)
always produces the following access.log messages (more explanation

958938854.232 2564 TCP_MISS/200 5398 GET -
958938861.030 693 TCP_MISS/301 517 GET -
958938864.542 3506 TCP_MISS/200 10201 GET -
958938955.082 1941 TCP_MISS/200 4419 GET - DIRECT/

From what I understand, a TCP_MISS/200 means it wasn't stored in the
cache. The problem arises in that from any other machine, the same
messages appear - the equivalent TCP_GET (when its in the cache and
retreives it from that) never appears whatsoever. The disk cache
increases however with each page visited, so it's storing *something*.
My main question is, is this "normal" behaviour, or what are the normal
ways of fixing such occurrances? It just seems like Squid is just
taking up heaps of ram and disk space, and producing more informative
DNS miss messages :) I'd like it to be doing more =)

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