FATAL: Cannot swap log file: /usr/local/squid/cache/log

From: <edeheza@dont-contact.us>
Date: Tue, 23 May 2000 12:30:16 -0400 (EDT)

Hi all,

I am new in this list and I am new using Squid too.

I had Squid running over QNX4.25 in an experimental manner for a while with no problems.
All my (Windows) clients connected to the Internet through it by running a shell script which runs pppd (if it is not already running) to establish the phone connection and then squid (if it is not already running) with root permissions.

Then I tried to change the client access by assigning each an username and a password. After to establish the phone call, sometimes squid shows this error message:

FATAL: Cannot swap logfile: /usr/local/squid/cache/log

and terminates.
This is a portion of my cache.log file near the mentioned error:

2000/05/05 10:12:16| Starting Squid Cache version 1.1.20 for ...
2000/05/05 10:12:16| With 256 file descriptors available
2000/05/05 10:12:16| Performing DNS Tests...
2000/05/05 10:12:16| Successful DNS name lookup tests...
2000/05/05 10:12:16| Started 5 'dnsserver' processes
2000/05/05 10:12:16| Unlinkd pipe opened on FD 12
2000/05/05 10:12:16| Swap maxSize 409600, estimated 31307 objects
2000/05/05 10:12:16| file_map_create: creating space for 63014 objects
2000/05/05 10:12:16| Target number of buckets: 1575
2000/05/05 10:12:16| Using 7951 Store buckets, maintain 1 bucket every 10 secon
2000/05/05 10:12:16| file_open: error opening file /usr/local/squid/cache/log:
FATAL: Cannot open swap logfile: /usr/local/squid/cache/log
Squid Cache (Version 1.1.20): Terminated abnormally.

I could note that /usr/local/squid/cache/log file has rw-r--r-- permissions and it is owned by the user who most recently started successfully squid. Sometimes I could see another file called log-last-clean with the same permissions and owner. When and why squid creates it?

Could somebody tell me how to avoid or solve this problem?

Thanks in advance and best regards,
Eduardo Deheza
System administrator
Valsys S.A.
Rosario, Argentina

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