RE: What is IMS short for ?

From: R.Ilker Gokhan <>
Date: Wed, 24 May 2000 12:17:32 +0300

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>From: Martin []
>Subject: What is IMS short for ?
>I have been reading the 6.7 result codes i the FAQ, and
>I see the word IMS over and over. I've searched the FAQ
>and mailinglist, but haven't found an answer.
> Also when the object is STALE, does this mean that it's outdated
>and is downloaded again by the proxy ?


> Finally, I can see that some web pages are very hard to cache ,
>for instance and, is
>there anything that can be done to improve this ?
>Martin Andersen

some object is not cacheable. you may check from here :
objects is cacheable or not.

And also you should read RFC of HTTP/1.1.

Ilker G.
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