Re: WCCP 1.0 memory requirements on Cisco?

From: Lincoln Dale <>
Date: Sat, 27 May 2000 17:12:34 -0400

At 13:27 27/05/00, Ahsan Khan wrote:
>Is it possible that because of High Router Load [s proc (90%) ] Wccp Stop
>talking to any of the squid Box.??

perhaps - but unlikely.

by default, there are heartbeat messages every 10 seconds between the cache
and the router --
if 3 of them are lost, and the router subsequently sends out 3 query
messages 1 second apart, and they too aren't answered, then the router will
remove the cache.

>Like is have the situation
>2501 Router
>128k Link
>two Squid WCCP box,

you should really look into why the router is at a high cpu utilisation.
ie. what is it doing to cause the high cpu utilisation?

>Some times s ip w w shows one of my cache as useable but there is no HASH
>assignment.neither the Packet Redirection is active on that cache.

it sounds like a possible bug in the wccp implementation for squid.

>IOS is version 12.0.

if you run IOS 12.0T (eg. 12.0(7)T), it will syslog "cache acquired" and
"cache lost" messages when caches appear/disappear - telling you why.



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