Re: ip_wccp.o - How to configure

From: Henrik Nordstrom <>
Date: Mon, 29 May 2000 18:06:52 +0200

There is as far as I know no configuration of the ip_wccp.o module.

A small guide for finding where the problem(s) are:

First test is to see if the proxy at all works:

* Disable WCPP in the router, and remove the ipchains rule.

* Configure your browser to use the proxy.

Then test that the ipchains redirection does not break things

* Install the ipchains redirection

* Verify that you can still browse thru the proxy with manual proxy

Then test if the ipchains redirection is working

* Configure a station on the same LAN as the proxy to use the proxy as
default router.

* Try from that station to access the web without any proxy settings in
the browser, and verify that the request is intercepted and logged by
the proxy.

And finally test WCCP

* Load the ip_wccp kernel module (or equivalent hacked GRE interface).

* Enable WCCP in the router for selected clients (router acl list)

* Enable WCCP in Squid.

* Verify that the Squid appears in the routers WCCP table

* Verify the browsing from one of the selected clients is working and is
being intercepted and logged by the proxy.

And if all tests so far is positive, then enable WCCP for all users

* Remove or broaden the WCCP client selection acl from the router

* Verify that the WCCP redirection still works by trying to surf, and
verifying that the requests are intercepted and logged in the proxy.

Henrik Nordstrom
Squid hacker
Ziya Suzen wrote:
> hi,
> i want to run squid 2.3 with cisco's wccp v1. I found some details in
> FAQ and search through the archive and manage to do the followwing.
> 1- compiled ip_wccp.o and cp to the /lib/modules/... dir and probemod
> ip_wccp succesfuly
> 2- configured squid.conf for wccp
> 3- configured my router enable wccp and do the interface web-cache redir
> 4- added an ipchain for 80->8080 for squids bind port
> 5- got the wccp debug packets here-i-am and there-you-are sort of
> packets but never got further
> i belive i am doing something wrong configuring ip_wccp.o on my linux
> box redhat6.2. can someone help me configuring the ip_wccp.o on linux
> with little bit more detail then the faq does.
> Thanks a lot.
> Ziya Suzen
> Sys Admin
> EbimNet Internet Services
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