From: CÚsar Augusto M. Gomes <>
Date: Tue, 30 May 2000 14:37:04 -0300


I have installed a RedHat 6.1 in my computer.
In the installation process I installed the Samba 2.05a and it was installed in three different directories:
- the smbd was installed into /usr/sbin
- the nmbd was installed into /usr/sbin too
- the smbclient was installed into /usr/bin
-and finally, the smb.conf was installed into /etc

I have the Squid 2.3 STABLE 2 installed in this Linux and I need to authenticate the user (from NT), and write your username in access.log.
So, I do the download of smb_auth 0.05, because it's the better solution for me, and , when I was rewrite the SAMBAPREFIX on Makefile, I didn't known what of three paths write.

PLEASE What is the path wich I can put in the SAMBAPREFIX?

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