redirector output ignored

From: Alexandre Rafalovitch <>
Date: Wed, 31 May 2000 13:47:55 +1000

Good Day,

I am using redirector for advanced use and seem to hit what might be a
bug, or might be my misunderstanding. If somebody could confirm/deny the
situation I would be grateful. I don't have enough C knowledge to trace
what is going on through squid sources (tried though :-{ ).

The situation as follows:

squid cache already has a cached copy of a page (eg.
client request (client's cache is empty)
redirector is called and it returns (either
301 or 302 would do same)
squid ignores it as keeps going with fetching and delivering cached copy
of a original request.

Looking at debug from both redirector and squid, I can see the request
coming through, being redirected, redirection being acknowledged but
ignored by squid.

Same thing with a page that is not in squid cache works as expected. (I

Since, most redirectors either always let the url through or never let
it through, I could see how this could be a subtle bug.

I can send any debug output if needed.

Setup: Squid 2.3-stable2 on linux box. I have read release notes/bugs
for 2.3-stable3, but nothing like this was mentioned as fixed.

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