On netscape 4.5

From: Joel Taqueban <jtaqueba@dont-contact.us>
Date: Wed, 31 May 2000 12:15:38 +0800

Dear squid users,

I've got my proxy authentication working. Thanks to Ilker and Henrik.

I have a little problem though, I recently upgraded all my users'
Netscape to 4.5. (from a previous 4.08). With this new version
however, everytime my users open their mails via the Netscape Messager
(the mail module of Netscape), it always starts sort of a welcome web
page of Netscape.


And since this is a web page, it always pops up an proxy authentication
window requesting for a login id and passwd. My users are a little
annoyed with this. In fact, when they receive mails containing web
pages, again the proxy authentication again pops up.

What do I need to configure to disable proxy authentication if web page
is sent via a e-mail? Or is there such?

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