RE: User based acl's - again

From: R.Ilker Gokhan <>
Date: Wed, 31 May 2000 11:53:06 +0300

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>Subject: User based acl's - again
>Sorry to bring this up again, but after some advice last time
>I thought I could
>work it out. So are the following acl's access rules valid?
>acl Year11 proxy_auth "/etc/squid/etc/yr11"
>then in the http_access rules
>http_access deny Year11
>The "/etc/squid/etc/yr11" file is a list if usernames one per
>line - and only the
>username (no password or other visible character).

from squid.conf:

# # NOTE: proxy_auth requires a EXTERNAL authentication program
# # to check username/password combinations (see
# # authenticate_program).

do you use authentication prg in your squid? it seems no..

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