ftp client & squid

From: Pat Lendon <plendon@dont-contact.us>
Date: Wed, 31 May 2000 23:59:55 -0400


I am trying to get the ftp client WsFTP Pro to work thru Squid.
WsFTP connects to the Squid system and port 3128. I receive a number
of messages:

connecting to (squid host ip) port 3128
HTTP/1.0 408 Request Timeout
Server: Squid/2.3.STABLe2
Mime Version 1.0
Content-Type: text/html
Content-Lenght: 670
<Title> Error: The requested URL could not be retrieved </Title>
While trying to retrieve the URL:
    <A HREF= "N?A"> N/A </A>
The following error was encountered.
Connection Lifetime Expired
Squid terminated request becaue it has exceeded max connection lifetime.

connection failed.

I've set the squid.conf client_lifetime to 1 day.

Is it possible for ftp clients to use the squid proxy?

I've checked the Squid Faq (12.17) and the question "Can I make my
regular FTP clients use a Squid cache?" is answered with 'Nope its not
possible. Squid only accepts HTTP requests. It speaks FTP on the
server side, but not on the client side."

So, does this FAQ question/answer apply to what I am trying to
accomplish with WSFTP Pro?

Is wget the only FTP client that can use Squid?

Thank you in advance.
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