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From: Joel Taqueban <>
Date: Thu, 01 Jun 2000 10:21:26 +0800


Thanks for the repy. What do I need to know from my remote/regional proxy?
Do I have to know the http_port number and icp_port of the regional proxy and
place this on my squid.conf file? Do I act as the sibling cache since I'm
the one pointing mine to the regional proxy? Any other else I need to

Pardon me for this newbie queries. But with your help guys I'm learning.


Matthew King wrote:

> Hi.
> You can just add it as some type of cache_peer in your squid.conf
> You can make it either Sibling or Parent, all the options are detailed in
> the default squid.conf and also in the FAQ.
> Cya
> Matthew
> Matthew King.
> Network Engineer, Cable & Wireless Optus.
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> Dear squid users,
> Our regional site is asking us to chain our own proxy with the regional
> proxy. How do I chain my local proxy A to that of a remote proxy B?
> Joel
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