Re: [SQU] Web Emails are not working

From: Robert Collins <>
Date: Fri, 13 Oct 2000 08:50:58 +1100

> Hello
> Every one
> the problem with my squid is that i am unable to
> retrieve web based emails on my client system
> i have chained my squid having a virtual ip with one
> of my dialup machines running widows 2000 and wingate
> as a proxy server.

Last time I look at it wingate didn't check the freshness or cacheability of
web pages. This means that active sites show problems...

> When i use squid on a dialup machines it works just
> fine and i dont face any sort of problems though i
> have to chain it with my isp's cache on a dialup
> machine.But when i try to run squid on my Lan i am
> unable to open the web based emails the other things
> work just fine.
> I have chained the squid with my wingate as follow
> cache_peer parent 8080 7
> can anyone help me in this regard

stop using wingate!
Is there any reason you can't run squid on your widows [sic] 2000 machine,
or move teh dial up link to your squid machine?

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