[SQU] virus scanner, how to implement?

From: Toni Mueller <squid@dont-contact.us>
Date: Tue, 28 Nov 2000 15:27:33 +0100


I'm looking to hook a virus scanner into squid to check
downloaded stuff for viruses, Java applets, Active-X controls,
or what have you.

Looking through the site and searching eg. with Google didn't
turn up useful info (imho). I don't want to turn squid down
in favour of something else, but have a feature in squid
that would at best look like:

content_control pathname option-string acl

in squid.conf and call that virus scanner (or whatever content
control/munger program) similar to a redirector. There needs
to be a way to pass in the file name on disk (which must exist
for most scanners afaik), and a way to pass the info on what
has been found back.

I still don't feel quite able/have enough time to hack this
on my own. If anyone would dare to make a bid...

Best Regards,

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