RE: [SQU] reiserfs

From: Florin Andrei <>
Date: Wed, 03 Jan 2001 18:39:29 -0000

>From: "Phil Pierotti" <>
>noatime = No Access Time, reiserFS doesn't update last access time on
>the file

This is great!

>notail = reiserFS can do some funky stuff with files to optimize
>space used (or something)
>this disables this optimization (cause it has a small impact
>on performance)

So you got worse space usage, but better performance. Ok, that's fine.

>nolog = turn off journalling
>journalling only helps your machine recover from crashes
>faster, and this box doesn't crash (yeah it's a risk, but one I'm
>willing to take, 6 months and counting)

I tend to disagree with this. I think (but i might be wrong) that the
journaling stuff in ReiserFS doesn't affect too much the performance. And if
the system DOES crash, it's better to have a journalised fs...

Basically, you're just using ReiserFS for its faster storage mechanisms, not
for the journals. That's interesting... I did some tests with ReiserFS:
creating A LOT of small files and/or directories in a loop - it is soooo
much faster than Ext2! So, it's very nice to have ReiserFS for a caching
proxy. I've heard rumours that Linus said that ReiserFS will get into the
kernel as soon as 2.4.1 will appear. ;-)

I just got an idea: ReiserFS is much better at working with many files in
the same directory. How about changing the cache settings? I mean, let's try
to store many files in the same subdirectory, not just 255. Do you think it
will be an advantage?

(I'm not sure if those settings in the cache_dir are filesystem-dependant or
not. If they are, maybe there are different optimal settings for different
filesystems?... And maybe this depends on the OS too?...)

Did you guys tried to obtain some form of sponsorship from a Big Company, in
order to work more at Squid? I believe that Squid now is really ready for
enterprise usage, but there are a lot of stoopid things that still have to
be done. Like, as an example, this sort of tests - take all the
filesystem-OS-CPU combinations and see what happens when you change the
parameters on cache_dir and maybe on some other squid.conf entries...

Hmmm... Lots of work... So little spare time... :-/

Florin Andrei
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