[SQU] ANNOUNCEMENT: Squid 2.3 STABLE 4 native port for NT update

From: Serassio Guido <gserassio@dont-contact.us>
Date: Sat, 06 Jan 2001 17:00:16 +0100


I have released a new version of Squid 2.3 STABLE 4 native port for NT.
This release is the result of the merging of the latest code from Romeo

Current features are:

- Run as a native Windows NT Service (No CygWin Unix emulation, compiled
with MS VC 6.0)
- Use PSAPI.LIB for rusage emulation
- Internal DNS looks in registry for configured DNS, resolv.conf no more
- External DNS helper run as a DLL plug-in and use internal NT DNS
resolver, so hosts file if used.
- All squid -k switches (check, debug, interrupt, kill, parse, reconfigure,
rotate, shutdown) works
- Native Windows NT Authenticator working as DLL plug-in, is possible to
authenticante against a single NT Server, a single or a trusted NT Domain.
User access allowed by NT User Group membership
- NCSA Authenticator working as DLL plug-in
- Working htpasswd and chhpasswd.cgi for NCSA password support
- LDAP Authenticator working as DLL plug-in (NOT YET TESTED !!!)
- Working Cachemgr CGI interface
- Code Merged with main Head 21/12/2000 tarball
- Buffered Disk I/O

The modified binary and sources are available at http://serassio.interfree.it

Best Regards

Guido Serassio

Serassio Guido
Via Albenga, 11/4 10134 - Torino - ITALY
Tel. : +39.011.610749
E-mail: serassio@interfree.it
WWW: http://serassio.interfree.it

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