RE: [SQU] reiserfs

From: Wijninga, Rene <>
Date: Sun, 7 Jan 2001 17:31:15 +0100

Sorry everyone,

Adrian Chadd just pointed me to an error I made. The number I mentioned in
my first mail should be, of course, 35000 hits per MINUTE, not per second.
Same goes for the LDAP authentication. Guess the beer made me a little light
headed. Sorry for that.


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I had the performance up to 35.000 hits/second on a single Compaq ES40
Alphaserver which had 8Gb of internal memory and 4 500Mhz Alpha processors.
This machine was also doing LDAP group authentication at about 11.000
authentications per second. The total processor load was only 0.6%, so this
is the best machine running Squid, ever. As the client pointed out to us,
browsing was like flipping a remote control. Almost all caching was done
from memory, so that improved performance a lot.

Hope this helps.

Greetz, Rene

P.S.: Yes, I work for Compaq (the former DEC), so I might be a little
prejudiced. I love Alpha, the best there is. ;-)

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dig5440 wrote:
> anyone has get the benchmark better than 250hit/sec, and what's the
> top performance we can got from squid ? please give some idea, thanks.
> the 250hit/sec is get from the enviorment of :

Measured in which way?

Henrik Nordstrom
Squid hacker
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