Re: [SQU] squid with vxfs?

From: Joe Cooper <>
Date: Sun, 07 Jan 2001 16:13:11 -0600

Try 'ufs' in your cache_dir entry, instead.

This entry does not indicate the actual filesystem name you're running dictates which FS interface Squid uses (Squid has several FS
modules...ufs, aufs, coss, diskd). ufs is what you use for any standard
Unix filesystem, which I'm pretty sure Veritas is (interface...not core

Rehan Ahmed wrote:

> Hello Squid Gurus!!
> I just wanted to install squid on vxfs. After installing successfully vxfs file
> syetem, when I install squid , I just use the entry in squid.conf file:
> cache_dir vxfs -- -- -- --
> But it doesn't install. Will any guru tell me, what other options should be
> used?
> Regards,
> Rehan

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