RE: [SQU] Allowing single users to access denied files

From: Martin Mielke <>
Date: Tue, 9 Jan 2001 12:30:41 +0100

Hello again,
Ilker, your solution didn't work for me :-(
I tried it using my user/machine as example and still can't get to the
denied files on the ACL.
Actually, some of my ACLs look like this, and in this order of appeareance:

acl WorkTime time MTWHFA 08:00-20:00
acl Doubleclick url_regex doubleclick
acl AdForce url_regex adforce
acl NoMp3 urlpath_regex -i \.mp3$ \.mpeg3$ \.ra$ \.ram$ \.mov$ \.qt$
http_access deny Doubleclick
http_access deny AdForce
http_access deny NoMp3 WorkTime
http_access allow all 
If I type in what you proposed, *all* users will not be able to access the
internet through the proxy and this is not what I want.
I need to:
    a) deny access to the files defined in the NoMp3 ACL during working
hours (see WorkTime ACL)
    b) randomly allow access to those files to selected users
For b) I don't care if the IP address or the login name is used...
Has anyone faced such a configuration before? Examples will be much
Thanks again,
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use acl src instead of proxy_auth as below: 
acl user src  _ipaddress_/netmask 
http_access allow user 
http_access deny .... 
http_access deny all 
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