[SQU] AsyncI/O on solaris 2.6

From: Charles Bruneteau <charles.bruneteau.sysicom@dont-contact.us>
Date: Tue, 09 Jan 2001 12:02:56 +0100


I've compiled 2.2.STABLE5-hno.20000202 (with cross_site_scripting.patch) on
Solaris 2.6
with async I/O enabled (40 threads).

When i send any signal (rotate, reconfigure, shutdown) to squid, it hangs.
>From now on connections are refused, although squid is still alive.

Is there any issue between signals and asyncio on Solaris 2.6 ? I've seen in the
such an issue with linux.

Is hno.20000202 still the most stable release with asyncio ?


Charles Bruneteau

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