Re: [SQU] All this NTLM stuff and possibly other bits ....

From: Craig Fels <>
Date: Tue, 9 Jan 2001 16:00:03 -0600

Rob will probably do a better job at answering this, but I feel like I need
to participate. ;-)

First, NTLM only works with IE.

In Squid.conf you specify the ntlm_auth helper and the parameters needed are
the domain and server name of a DC (I understand this works with a Samba
server acting as a DC also).

If I'm logged on to DOMAIN1 as CRAIG, then IE passes the NTLM credential
information to Squid. Squid validates the password that is sent "behind the
scene" with the DC specified in squid.conf. If it is a match, then squid
grants access to that user, unless denied based on ACL rules.

The access.log file records the username in the domain\userid fashion. In
this case, it would show domain1\craig. This is INCREDIBLY helpful for
locating internet abusers.

Have fun with the NTLM patch. Robert and Kinkie did a great job on it.


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Subject: [SQU] All this NTLM stuff and possibly other bits ....

> hi guys,
> i am wondering about this NTLM addition. What i need to be able to
> is to findout the current logged on user at a particular workstation (the
> one where the request orriginated from) does the NTLM do this, ?
> if so HOW?
> is it IE being smart and just filling in some information, or is it better
> than that and squid asking the COMPUTER via RPC / whatever who is logged
> or a request to a PDC ?
> or are there other ways? at the moment i am using a NetBIOS bodge, and to
> try and analyze the NetBIOS responce of a computer, this is hardly
> Thanks
> Dave
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