Re: [SQU] All this NTLM stuff and possibly other bits ....

From: David Flynn <>
Date: Tue, 9 Jan 2001 22:08:10 -0000

> David Flynn wrote:
> > is it IE being smart and just filling in some information, or
> > is it better than that and squid asking the COMPUTER via RPC /
> > whatever who is logged on, or a request to a PDC ?
> It is IE being smart and uses MS NTLM HTTP authentication (which btw
> breaks some rules in the HTTP specification...)
Ah, not quite what i was hoping for ... it seems that the simplest thing in
the world must also be soo difficult !
why couldnt M$ add the RPC call to 9x return the current logged on user and
station info that NT does ?

hmm, i guess its back to netbios



BTW: in the auth_modules/ directory, is there supposed to be nothing in any
of its sub directories (i guess thats the case) or is something going to be
happening there in the future ?


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