Re: [SQU] Unable to reach news servers through SQUID

From: Henrik Nordstrom <>
Date: Thu, 11 Jan 2001 00:24:04 +0100

Martin Brooks wrote:
> Hi Patrick
> At 14:46 10/01/01 +0100, STADELMANN Patrick wrote:
> >I'm novice with SQUID and I wonder if SQUID proxy is able to forward other
> >requests than HTTP?
> No, it currently isn't with the broad exception of FTP.

Squid is not a FTP proxy. It can handle requests for FTP objects
requested by HTTP clients (i.e. web browsers) configured to use it as a
proxy, but not FTP requests from FTP clients.

The protocols supported for HTTP clients using it as a proxy:
  * HTTP
  * FTP
  * Gopher
  * HTTP over SSL (https)
  * NTTP over SSL (snews)
  * Other SSL services if configured to allow them

Henrik Nordstrom
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