Re: [SQU] Unable to reach news servers through SQUID

From: Martin Brooks <>
Date: Wed, 10 Jan 2001 14:02:11 +0000

Hi Patrick

At 14:46 10/01/01 +0100, STADELMANN Patrick wrote:
>I'm novice with SQUID and I wonder if SQUID proxy is able to forward other
>requests than HTTP?

No, it currently isn't with the broad exception of FTP.

>Unfortunately with this configuration, the clients are not able to
>access news, pop3 or ftp servers directly!

This is a configuration issue with your firewall/router or client settings
and not Squid. Squid doesn't directly proxy FTP. It merely converts FTP
directory listings into a browser friendly format. Most (all?) regular FTP
clients (Leech FTP, CuteFTP etc) simply cannot use Squid.

>Can I configure SQUID to forward NNTP or POP3 client request?



Martin A. Brooks
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