Re: [SQU] ftp access trough squid

From: Martin A. Brooks <>
Date: Mon, 15 Jan 2001 07:53:13 +0000

At 01:25 10/01/01 +0100, Peter Thalmann wrote:
>Hallo all,
>when I try to start an ftp upgrade with yast (suse linux) from local machine
>I keep on getting an error message ,saying a connection can not be made even
>squid is configured to allow local access to the cache.Local ftp up and
>download works fine with browser and other ftp tools.
>How can I fix this problem?

I'm starting to think that this needs to be added to the FAQ in a more
prominent place......

Squid is NOT an FTP proxy, it merely provides browser-friendly listings of
FTP resources. Most (all?) regular FTP clients, such as CuteFTP and
LeechFTP, CANNOT use Squid as they are not speaking the same protocol.


Martin A. Brooks
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