[SQU] Sudden Death problem of squid on Solaris 8 x86

From: 황 정동 <naondol@dont-contact.us>
Date: Mon, 15 Jan 2001 16:21:48 +0900

Hi all.

I'm using squid 2.4devel4 for reverse proxy.
OS is Solars 8 x86 and 256MB memory.

Main use of this machine is file caching for LARGE outgoing request.

Total file size is approximately 200MB and files are totally static.
For our site, response time is very critical. So we want to load all files
into memory for caching.
Squid works fine at start but after about 10 hours or more, it stops.
80 port is open but there's no response for request string.
It seems that squid reruns and dies and again reruns and so on.

I guess it's memory problem or socket problem...

at dead time, used memory of squid is about 200MB or more or less.
and throughput is 800~1000 req/sec.

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