Re: [SQU] The access.log

From: Thomas Adam <>
Date: Tue, 16 Jan 2001 10:54:00 -0800 (PST)


The solution is to use perl

#!/bin/perl -p
s/^\d+\.\d+/localtime $&/e;

If you copy the above, save it as "perlspt".
run chmod 700 ./perlspt and then type in the
on the console

./perlspt < /var/squid/logs/access.log >access2.log

and that'll convert your file.

N.B. The path of access.log might have to be changed
if the above is wrong. When that has finished, just
open up the created access2.log in a text editor

Hope that helps,

Thomas Adam

--- Sergio Domenech <> wrote:
> Hi everyone
> I have a small problem that maybe someone can help
> me with:
> I need to know how to translate the first field on
> the access.log from squid to something
> understandable
> how you know that 979203949.269 means " 09 Jan 01
> 04:00" what is the algorithm
> Thanks

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