[SQU] Tunneling proxy?

From: Gary E Bickford <garyb@dont-contact.us>
Date: Thu, 18 Jan 2001 15:36:48 -0800

I've looked at the howto's and some other things. I seem to have missed
any link to the mail list archive - can someone send that to me or post it?

My particular problem is somewhat complicated. I don't know enough
about Squid to know if this is a hard thing or a soft thing :O) Please
excuse me if this question is handled in the howto somewhere, perhaps I
misunderstood what I'm doing and didn't see the solution in front of me.

I am working on several web servers that live behind a firewall at a
client company. I normally get to the machines via SSH on any of a
number of specially assigned set of ports for this purpose. Some of
these sites are composites of my work and other machines that I don't
have access to, and vary. I can't see these other sites directly. I
guess we could say I'm on the 'wrong side' of the firewall.

I need to set up a proxy server on one of my client machines inside the
firewall, that my local Squid can get to either on a high port or via an
SSH tunnel, that would allow me to get to these machines with their real
domain names - a transparent proxy going the wrong way? I'm running
Squid on my local machine already. Can I set up a parent proxy on a
high port such that my local Squid will know to send requests through
this other proxy for all machines in, e.g., '.client.com' but will not
send them through the other machine for all other domains/address blocks?

Do I need to use SSH? I generally don't have a need to use encryption,
but compression is nice. Although I could use SSL occasionally it's not

The client company has several different address blocks.

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