RE: [SQU] Squid behind a firewall - questions

From: Martin Mielke <>
Date: Fri, 19 Jan 2001 09:28:26 +0100

Hello Henrik and all,

> Is it a proxy based firewall, or a packet filtering firewall?

The current configuration consists of ipchains + squid.
The future configuration will be Checkpoint-1 on one machine and Squid on

> More specifically, do you have to configure clients to use
> the firewall when behind it, or is the firewall "invisible" to normal
> If the firewall is "invisible" requiring no proxy configuration in the
> clients, then Squid won't need any specific configuration.
> If the firewall is not "invisible", then you must most likely
> configure Squid to use it as a parent proxy. See the cache_peer and
> directives.

Could you please provide some examples using these directives?



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