[SQU] Squid behind a firewall - questions

From: Martin Mielke <martinm@dont-contact.us>
Date: Thu, 18 Jan 2001 19:15:16 +0100

Dear all,

There's a proxy running on the firewall pretty fine.
Please, correct me if I'm wrong: according to the Squid's FAQs, it should be
provided with some parent cache in order to work.
But what if I set up the firewall on a machine and the proxy on another one
behind it? Can't I simply set up Squid as a stand-alone proxy, as it has
been up to now, to forward all HTTP and FTP requests to the firewall? So,
for me it would be much easier, to configure, then I could set up a rule on
the firewall to accept incoming traffic from the proxy only and deny the
rest, among other things.

Is this possible? any other suggestions/hints & tips will be welcomed!

Thanks and regards,


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