Re: [SQU] FTP proxy

From: Henrik Nordstrom <>
Date: Sat, 20 Jan 2001 10:42:07 +0100

Squid is only a HTTP proxy, and SSL cannot be proxied or cached, only

root wrote:
> I have squid and ipchains set-up as a transparent proxy.
> It's working great but only on port 80.
> I want to do the same thing on FTP port and SHTTP port.
> I entered the same REDIRECT rule in ipchains but it's not working.
> And it should not work because web browser is comunicating with FTP servers on
> FTP protocol.
> Squid has http acelleration only for port http.I am searching for something
> similar for FTP protocol. (FTP proxy or FTP accel or FTP cache).
> But with the initial set-up on tranparent proxy (squid) FTP it's not working.
> Alexander
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