Re: [SQU]

From: Martin Brooks <>
Date: Tue, 23 Jan 2001 09:39:12 +0000

At 00:36 23/01/01 -0800, nawawi wrote:
>this morning i go to and
>scan my network for security reason.. and the result
>like below:--
>squid Squid HTTP proxy
> People use these proxy servers
>not realizing they can work both ways. If not set up
> people from the OUTSIDE can use
>the proxy also. This lets them do things on the Net
>and it looks
> like YOUR proxy server is doing
>them. Make sure you set yours up properly.
>what your solutions for make people from the OUTSIDE
>can use my proxy..

Set up your ACLs properly so only approved clients can connect. Only bind
Squid to the internal network interface (assuming a multihomed
machine). Read the docs.


Martin A. Brooks
If Windows NT were an animal, it'd be a fainting goat.

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